Havin' Kids Doesn't Mean your Life is "Over"

Ella McFarland

I used to believe the lie that once I had kids, became a mother, my life as I knew it would be "over."

Well, I am here to tell you from my personal experience that couldn't be farer from the truth.

Different? Sure.
Harder at times? I'll give you that one.
But over? No.

I do think it is a mindset.

This doesn't mean that your kids can't overrun your life at times. That definitely can happen if you let it. But you can view your children's role in your life as an addition to the activities you already enjoy.

Hike? Baby-wear 'em.
Happy hour night? Bring 'em in the stroller by your side to experience a new setting.

And yeah, it's not going to be perfect. You won't be able to do everything the same way you did pre-baby, duh. But we forget humans are formed largely by their environment, therefore as the parent you hold the cards of what your child is exposed to.

Things may look a bit different.
Your nights may end a lil earlier.
It probably takes you a little longer to get out the door.

But that doesn't mean you have to abandon your prior identity pre-parenthood. Instead, think, how cool is it now that you have a mini-me that shares your DNA, running around, ready to explore the earth & learn about your favorite activities/hobbies/interests right along side you!

Well, one of those things I loved to do in my college years was host lil theme party gatherings. Whether it was putting together a halloween party at my house, renting an Airbnb to throw a tequila & turtleneck birthday party, or organizing to rent yacht w/ my closest friends & family to celebrate graduation.............party planning have always been my thing. I am the person who loves running around party city, gets a cartload of different booze at the grocery store, but mostly loves bringing a crew together for a fun time. All well embracing one of my favorite mottos........"the more the merrier".

And while I may not be planning a party featuring tequila shots & turtlenecks any time soon.............After noticing all the extra fruit I had on my backyard trees, I decided to throw a lil citrus theme party this weekend with a mix of people (+some of their mini-me's) from different crowds I have developed over the years in one room for some champagne & good laughs.

It was the same, yet so different.

See, life doesn't end when you have a kid.

You still can be you. It's just an opportunity to have your child join in on the fun times ahead :)