My Natural Birth Story

Ella McFarland

Watch my birth story HERE: Ella's Birth Story

Birth used to terrify me. It was something that I wasn't even sure I wanted to do and if I did have children I wanted to be knocked out or numbed from the experience because quite frankly anything hospital, blood, medical related freaks me out.

It wasn't until a year and half ago, that I first learned about the birth industrial complex, the dark history around medicalizing birth, and the lack of women's informed consent in the United States surrounding birth procedures. All well the U.S. has one of the highest mother mortality rates of the developed nations.

Once I discovered the truth about hospital birth, I couldn't I unsee what I saw. So I looked into alternatives which put me on the path of learning about midwifery, how to have a successful natural birth, and lastly how to advocate for informed consent with your healthcare provider throughout not only your birth but entire pregnancy as well.

This video is not to convince you of anything, it is simply my experience and the information I learned along the way that could be helpful to future moms. I am pro-informed medical consent and believe women should be supported however they choose to give birth :)